Trevor Stinson

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Getting to the Five

We have a system for planning our worship services: We number our songs 1–5. This might not sound inspired, but it’s something we’ve learned from our mother church in Elgin, and it points us in the right direction. Each number corresponds to a part of how worship was arranged in the Temple.

Here’s the most important part: everything leads to the Five. The Holy of Holies. This is the place where we stand in awe of God, or fall to our face when confronted with His holiness. It’s where we sing directly to Him. We stop singing about what we’re doing (“Let our praise be Your welcome”) and focus solely on who God is (“Hallelujah, the Lamb of God!”).

The other rules of worship planning can be treated as guidelines, but there is one rule we never break: “Always get to the Five.” The other numbers can be switched around sometimes, or we may only do four songs. But we always get to the Five. When we gather to worship, we are here to meet with God. All else is secondary.