Trevor Stinson

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The tone of the Act Like Men conference

I confess, I had strong misgivings about coming to the Act Like Men conference. Mark Driscoll is one of the headline speakers—a pastor known to focus on stereotypical masculinity. Not exactly my cup of tea. I don’t see any value in making fun of men who do not exemplify muscularity and force. Mark Driscoll and I have different understandings of the meaning of strength and courage, and, it often seems, on the very meaning of Christ’s example and teaching.

Going into this conference, I was worried that Mark Driscoll would set the tone for the whole event. I also realized that I needed to give Driscoll himself a chance, and that I should be open to learning from him. Regardless of how his message goes (I write this is he begins his message), I was glad to hear the following statement from Matt Chandler, the first speaker on Saturday:

The danger of men’s conferences is that we get too masculine. We start making fun of things that are actually in the room. Well, some of us like soy lattes. And some of us struggle with same-sex attraction. That’s not a joke.