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Why anyone can (and should) worship God by singing

Bob Kauflin on Worship Matters:

Our confidence and comfort in singing comes from this: Jesus, our great high priest, makes all our offerings acceptable to God through his perfect life of obedience and his perfect sacrifice of atonement. The Father loves our singing not only because it’s sincere, but because when offered through faith, it sounds just like his beloved Son.

This is for anyone who stands silent in church thinking they shouldn’t sing because it doesn’t sound good. There are reasons excellence is important if you’re leading others in worship. But if you’re in the congregation, then please don’t let a lack of skill hold you back. Join in with what’s happening around you. Be encouraged that God welcomes your voice along with the rest. God doesn’t accept us because of any righteousness of our own. In the same way, he doesn’t accept our worship because of how it sounds. It all hinges on Jesus; not on us.