Trevor Stinson

Better Worlds 29: Darkest Possible Timeline Adjacent

Jumanji is a runaway box office success. Minions have almost completed their takeover of our dimension. Keurig has purchased Dr Pepper. But there are signs of hope.

This episode answers the question of why we keeping describing things as [noun]-adjacent.

We had a difficult time deciding whether (or where) to place a hyphen in the title. Darkest Possible Timeline-Adjacent? Or perhaps Darkest-Possible-Timeline-Adjacent? I'm not convinced there's a perfect answer, and no hyphen is cleanest.

Task manager nachos

My life is quantifiably better when I'm using a task manager. Here's a low stakes, but concrete example: I had nachos today because a reminder on my watch told me the cheese was going to expire tomorrow. Without the reminder, the cheese would have gone bad and I would have had to throw it away.

I've tried a bunch of task managers, but only one has held my attention: Things by Cultured Code. Anyone who is looking for a task manager is looking for a specific ratio of power and simplicity, whether they realize it or not. Things is the one that hits the sweet spot for me. It's been a long time since Cultured Code has done a major version update to Things, but that hasn't stopped them from adding great features to Things 2, including the best sync I've seen anywhere and the only Apple Watch task manager complication that makes any sense.

Things 3 is launching sometime next month. I have no idea what this update will include, but I know it's going to bring me a lot of nachos.

Announcing Better Worlds: A New Podcast

My friends Matthew Baugh, Dustin Swarm, and I have been working on a new project, and I'm excited to tell you about it. It's called Better Worlds, a new podcast about geek culture. We'll talk about sci-fi, fantasy, movies, books, board games, video games, and other things we like. We soft-launched the podcast on December 22 and then released our first full episode on Christmas Eve with discussion of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Check it out and let us know what you think. You can find us on Twitter at @betterworldsnet.

Lucasfilm's executive team is more than 50% female

Rebecca Sun for The Hollywood Reporter:

When you have a balance of men and women, there are all sorts of things that enter into the discussion," [Kathleen Kennedy] says, calling the Rey-Jyn doubleheader a "coincidence" that the studio (and parent Disney) embraced. "Because women are always in story meetings, [no one has] to go, 'Hey, what would a woman think?'" says creative executive Rayne Roberts. "The reason Rey is strong and technically capable and compassionate and driven is that the women who were in that room, including Kathy, reflect those qualities.

This is not an affectation or a political statement. It actually makes the company and its stories better.