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Trevor Stinson

Dropping the Now page

I've had a Now page on my personal website for a few years. I thought it seemed like a neat idea because it provided a lightweight method of posting small updates. Reading a new book? Just add it to the Now page. Have some thoughts on that book? Include a sentence or two in the update.

The reason I liked the Now page is the same reason I'm removing it. Although it was nice that it was easy to put updates there, the long-term effect is that I simply stopped blogging. I would add an item to the Now page, often with two or three sentences of commentary or context, and that would be it. I liked that I didn't have to think about whether the topic deserved a post of its own. The next time I updated the page, those sentences would disappear.

A blog is a personal thing for thoughts of many shapes and sizes. It grows over time. The Now page was stifling that for me, and so it is gone. For now, at least.