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Trevor Stinson


My personal site has been on Statamic for the last decade. There's no reason my site needs something that heavy, so I am moving it over to Eleventy, a lightweight static site generator which should more than meet my needs. Eleventy is also a better fit for my usual tech stack. Statamic is built on PHP/Laravel, and I've never done much with those. Eleventy is written in JS, where I feel more at home.

I've been delaying making a move for a while because I wanted to get certain things in order first, but I'm calling it. I'm making the switch now, and I will rebuild piece by piece. Eleventy's base blog starter provides a solid starting point, and I will customize and add what I need as I go. It's ok that the styles are not all in place from the beginning. It's ok that I'm starting over.

Here it is.